Paper-Based Scrapbookers

At Scrapbooks to Share we use the latest technology in scanning, image management, and digital printing to preserve your scrapbook pages and enable you to share them with friends and family. Below you will learn the process we go through for each of our services.
Since Scrapbooks to Share was founded by a fellow scrapbooker, we understand the importance of carefully handling your scrapbook. Once at our office, we store the scrapbooks on a shelf until they can be scanned.

When we are ready to scan a scrapbook we:

  1. Disassemble it from the cover,
  2. Scan every page,
  3. Reassemble it into the cover, and
  4. Immediately place the scrapbook back on the shelf until delivery.

Each page is saved on our computer network as a separate high-quality image file. We then use these image files to provide our services.

In order to place an order for scanning and duplicating a paper-based scrapbook, please download and print our Order Form.

If you have additional questions please review the Frequent Asked Questions or contact us at

Paper-Based Scrapbookers Ordering:

To place an order of your paper-based scrapbook, please follow these steps:

  1. Print the order form.
  2. Count the pages you want us to scan and duplicate. Remember, each side counts as one page.
  3. Complete the order form. We always recommend ordering an archive USB of your pages at the same time as the printed pages so you have a backup you can store in a safe place.
  4. Remove your pages from the album to reduce the shipping costs and minimize any chances the album is damaged during shipping.
  5. Pack your pages in a large box. We recommend a 14” x 14” x 6” box with lots of padding to ensure the pages don’t slide around during shipping. You can use a taller box if needed for sending lots of pages.
  6. Pack the order form in the box.
  7. Arrange for pickup or drop the box at a shipping center. We recommend UPS and Fed Ex ground which comes with a tracking number.
  8. Call us at 561-926-4476 or email us at info@sbtoshare.comto let us know you shipped your scrapbooks to us.
  9. Await confirmation of receipt of your scrapbook pages safe and sound at Scrapbooks to Share.