Hybrid Scrapbookers

Combine the benefits of digital scrapbooking techniques and traditional paper-based scrapbooking to create custom looks and special effects on your scrapbook pages. Our services can help you with your hybrid scrapbooking in many creative ways!

As a hybrid scrapbooker you can use our services to print custom papers and embellishments.

Some hybrid scrapbookers have created an assortment of embellishments digitally and combined multiple on a single 12 x 12 digital page for us to print.

We’ve also had some clever hybrid scrapbookers order our free templates after they added journaling so they could use it as background paper. They will then simply attach photos to it.

Finally, another unique use of our services is to send us your photo album to scan so you can have all the pages electronically. You can then crop, color correct and save each of the photos as an individual photos to be used with digital or hybrid scrapbooking.

Based on feedback we’ve received from others who do hybrid scrapbooking, they prefer our matte cardstock paper.

We would love to hear about how you used our services for your hybrid scrapbooking projects, so please email lise.orr@sbtoshare.com to share your story.

To place an order of your custom scrapbooking paper and custom embellishments go to the DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKERS PAGE and follow the ordering instructions.

To send us your photo album for scanning go to the PAPER-BASED SCRAPBOOKERS PAGE and follow the ordering instructions.

To create backgrounds using our free templates go to our online ordering systemonline ordering system and select “Scrapbook Pages”.