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About Scrapbooks to Share

Scrapbooks to Share, LLC was founded in the spring of 2004 by Lise Orr out of a desire to fill a much needed service in the marketplace. Scrapbookers, like Lise, were creating one of a kind pages with mementos, but had no way to share them or have an extra copy or digital back up. The company purchased commercial printers, scanning equipment, computers, graphics software, and a computer controlled cutting system, to be able to capture, digitally store and print up to 12"x 18" scrapbook images on acid and lignin-free paper.

With the success of the business, and to meet its customers' requests, Scrapbooks to Share expanded from scanning and printing paper scrapbooks, to printing digital scrapbook pages its customers created using any digital scrapbooking software on the market. In addition, they are able to create calendars, custom cards and other unique gifts using both paper and digital scrapbook pages.

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