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So, you may have additional questions about digital scrapbook printing. We have listed frequently asked questions and provided detailed answers below:
What are all the options for printing digital scrapbooks?
  1. We believe printing your digital scrapbook pages using Scrapbooks to Share provides the best balance between cost and quality for printing digital scrapbook pages. Our technology and processes were selected and designed to focus on one thing - scrapbook duplicating and printing. We use high quality paper that is acid and lignin-free and deliver your pages in the desired finished size.
  2. A second option is to use an online photo printing company or retailer to print on 12" x 18" photo paper. In comparison to Scrapbooks to Share, the cost is significantly higher than our cost. In addition, you will have to cut your pages to desired finished size.
  3. A third option is to print yourself by using a large format printer that can print 12" x 12" paper or print non 8.5" x 11" paper using an 8" x 8" format and trim to fit an 8" x 8" scrapbook album. This is an interesting option, but the cost of printing on your printer may be more than the cost to have Scrapbooks to Share print your digital scrapbook pages (please see the section below).
  4. A fourth option is to use a copy center. However, copy centers likely won't be able to answer your question about whether or not their paper is acid and lignin-free. In addition, they don't generally have 12" x 18" paper so they will want to print your pages on 11" x 17" paper. Furthermore, their paper won't be as heavy or as high-quality as the papers we use. They may also have "processing" charges for opening files and printing. Finally, you will either have to pay them to cut the pages to size or do it yourself.
  5. A fifth option is to try to use a local commercial printer. However, in our research, the typical commercial printer also won't be able to tell you if their paper is acid and lignin-free. In addition, they prefer to print jobs for businesses worth $1000s and don't price their services for small print jobs like one copy of a 40 page scrapbook. They frequently have minimum order sizes and processing and setup fees that significantly increase the cost per page.
What will the final printed scrapbook page look like?
When we print digital scrapbook pages we print the pages with a small white border. We added the border after we quickly learned that scrapbookers, both paper-based and digital, like to design their pages with embellishments, photos, and journaling right up to the edge of the page. So, to ensure we didn't cut-off any of the image area, we added the white border. For those customers that don't want the white border, it's a relatively simple process for you to trim the white border using a paper trimmer.

We can also print and trim with "full-bleed" but would need to review your pages to see if any of the key elements on the page would be impacted during trimming.
How long will the pages printed by Scrapbooks to Share last?
This is a very difficult question to answer as how long a print will last is based on an amazing array of variables (light exposure, humidity, storage, etc.).

However, we did some research and found a great article discussing image permanence and digital and traditional print stability at - This article was written by the Image Permanence Institute discussing different types of digital printing. Toner-based printing, which we use, is considered electrophotographic printing. The key point they make is near the end of the document in which they state that "when properly stored, dye-based inkjet have stability similar to traditional prints with toner-based prints (electrophotographic) being even more stable."

In other words, the printing technology that we use may produce longer-lasting images than inkjet or traditional photo prints when properly stored.
Can Scrapbooks to Share bind the pages?
At this point in time, we do not have the capability to bind the printed digital scrapbook pages. However, we will continue to listen to our customers very closely and if this is an option they want, we will invest in the appropriate binding equipment to provide this option.

The customer discussions that we have had so far indicate our customers like having the flexibility of selecting any scrapbook album from their local scrapbook retailer for their printed digital scrapbook pages as it is a relatively cost effective option and provides an unlimited selection of scrapbook albums while the current binding options are very limited to solid colors and minimal textures.

In addition, they are able to add to the albums over time while a bound book does not allow this flexibility.
What type of electronic files does Scrapbooks to Share accept?
Scrapbooks to Share is able to read most file formats created including .pdf, .pds, .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tif. However, we believe jpg files are the easiest to work with and minimize the time required to upload layouts.
How should the digital scrapbook pages be formatted?
For best results, please format the page with at least 200 dpi. Be sure to keep the dimensions of the file the size you want as some software programs will change the dimensions of the file if you change the dpi.
Do all the files need to be formatted the same size?
No, the files don't need to be formatted the same size. However, most customers want to put their printed digital scrapbook pages into a regular scrapbook album so using the standard scrapbook page sizes will result in the best looking finished scrapbook album.
Is Scrapbooks to Share able to print pages in different sizes?
Yes we are. If you designed your pages as 12" x 12" pages we are able to automatically adjust the pages to any size you want. Some customers elect to design 12" x 12" pages but have us print them as 8" x 8" pages so they can save money on printing costs as well as the scrapbook album and page protectors. In fact, we have also printed the same customers scrapbook pages in 12" x 12" for their album and 8" x 8" for an album they gave away as a gift.
Is Scrapbooks to Share able to use digital scrapbook pages to create greeting cards?
Absolutely! We currently create a square greeting card and will offer a standard size greeting card for the upcoming holiday season. We also provide the envelope! For square cards, simply design a 12" x 12" page and we will adjust to the correct size for the card.
What are the paper options?
Matte Regular - 100lb text paper that is acid and lignin-free. This is an excellent paper with a matte finish. This scrapbook paper is similar to the matte paper you would find in a nice coffee table book using a matte finish.

Gloss Regular - 100lb text paper that is acid and lignin-free. This is a great paper with a glossy finish. This scrapbook paper is like the glossy paper you would find in a nice coffee table book using a glossy finish.

Matte Cardstock - 100lb cover paper that is acid and lignin-free. This is a premium paper that is thick with a matte finish. This scrapbook paper is like a matte finish greeting card.

Gloss Cardstock - 100lb cover paper that is acid and lignin-free. This is a premium paper that is thick with a very glossy finish and the paper of choice for digital scrapbookers. This scrapbook paper is frequently used for high-quality postcards with a gloss finish.
What is our refund policy?
Our goal is to make you happy with beautiful printed scrapbook pages. If you are not pleased with your purchase, please contact us within 14 days and we will give you a refund or replacement.

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